How Do You Wash Your Eyelids and Eyelashes If You Have Chronic Blepharitis?


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Blepharitis can be relieved by doing warm compress soaks to the eyes, lid hygiene scrubs and gentle massage to the lids, according to All About Vision. The frequency of these treatments depends on the severity of the condition; the initial treatment may be several times daily.

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Blepharitis most commonly affects the exterior of the lid where the eyelashes attach or the surface of the eye due to meibomian glands dysfunctioning and failing to produce enough lubricating oil, states All About Vision. Blepharitis is an inflammation or swelling in the eye that is sometimes caused by bacteria. It can also be a side effect of dry eye or other skin conditions such as rosacea.

Warm compresses are most effective when used for a minimum of five minutes at a time. To properly use a warm compress, hands must be clean, and the washcloth must remain warm and on the eyes. Following removal of the washcloth, the patient should apply gentle pressure and massage around the eye, according to All About Vision.

Another option for cleaning the eyelash surface is to use a gentle cleanser such as baby shampoo, explains All About Vision. The patient should apply the cleanser to a cotton swab and gently brush the eyelashes with it. Following this, the eyes should be rinsed with cool water.

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