What Is the "Warrior Diet"?


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According to its official website, the Warrior Diet is a meal plan in which a person undereats during the day, then overeats at night. The Warrior Diet claims to redesign the body by triggering a "biological mechanism" that forces one's body to burn fat by mimicking a lack of food. Combined with exercising, undereating is one way to lose weight quickly through caloric deficit.

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The Warrior Diet claims that by mimicking situations that early humans faced, such as danger, stress and lack of food, the body can be trained to burn fat by entering a "survival" mode. This survival mode helps a person cope with stress by burning fat and inhibiting the gain of fat, notes the official website.

The diet consists of eating one meal at night every 10 - 15 hours. During the day, a person consumes mostly raw fruits and vegetables in small amounts. At night, they can consume as much as they like, stopping only when they feel fully satisfied, or are more thirsty than hungry.

According to the Warrior Diet FAQ, there is no exact timing and no exact schedule; there is also no calorie-counting or restriction of macro nutrients. It is recommended that a dieter always talk with a doctor before changing dietary habits or starting a new exercise regimen.

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