What Are the Warning Signs of a Stroke in Men?


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Some of the warning signs of a stroke in men include numbness in the face, leg or arm on one side of the body and confusion, explains WebMD. Other warning signs of a stroke are trouble sleeping or walking, dizziness or severe headache for no reason.

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What Are the Warning Signs of a Stroke in Men?
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The signs of a stroke may vary based on the type of stroke, how severe it is and where it occurs in the brain, according to WebMD. A stroke that is less severe may be more difficult to recognize. One type of stroke, an ischemic stroke, occurs when a blood vessel to the brain becomes blocked by a blood clot. This block can happen for a number of reasons and often occurs in the heart due to an irregular heartbeat known as atrial fibrillation.

Another type of stroke is known as a hemorrhagic stroke, and this occurs when a weak blood vessel ruptures and bleeds into the brain, explains WebMD. A number of issues can trigger a hemorrhagic stroke. A transient ischemic attack, known as a mini-stroke, occurs due to a temporary blockage. Though this does not cause permanent damage to the brain, it may cause signs of a stroke. These signs may last for several minutes or even hours.

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