What Are the Warning Signs of a Sociopathic Personality?


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An excessively large ego, a dearth of empathy, manipulating others and lying are all potential signs of sociopathic behavior, according to Macrina Cooper-White for The Huffington Post. About 4 percent of Americans are sociopaths.

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What Are the Warning Signs of a Sociopathic Personality?
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Sociopaths are marked by an artificially enlarged self-concept, notes Cooper-White. They feel entitlement and are extremely narcissistic. When things go wrong, they tend to blame the people around them instead of taking responsibility for the situation. They also lack the inner sense of emotion that most people develop, which means they do not have a sensitivity for the inner emotional lives of others. This keeps them from being able to feel, let alone express, empathy.

Sociopaths also tend to lie, but the most puzzling part is the lies do not always serve any particular purpose, reports Cooper-White. In some cases, they just lie to see if they can get away with it or deceive people. Sometimes they use the lies to manipulate other people. When they are caught, though, they do not show any sense of shame. This particular personality disorder is marked by a lack of any sense of remorse. This may also explain why sociopaths have the ability to keep an extreme calm when in the middle of a frightening or perilous situation.

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