What Are the Warning Signs of a Ruptured Disc?


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The warning signs of a ruptured disc include pain, numbness, weakness and a tingling feeling in the affected area, according to Cedars-Sinai. Deep muscle pain and spasms of the muscles may also be caused by a ruptured disc. Inversely, some people may have a ruptured disc and experience no pain at all.

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The position of the herniated disc causes symptoms to vary widely. For instance, if the ruptured disc is located in the lower back, then pain may be felt along the backside of the leg and into the foot or ankle, and the pain in the leg will be worse than the pain in the back. If the ruptured disc is located in the lower back, sciatica may result, causing nerve pain and leg pain. Ruptured discs in the neck can lead to symptoms in the chest, arms or shoulders.

Herniated discs are caused by injury, aging or degenerative disc disease. People between the ages of 35 and 45 who drive for extended periods of time or who work in jobs where heavy manual labor is required are the most often affected by ruptured discs. However, the condition can affect anyone of any age. Treatment generally requires rest and pain control, while some patients may require physical therapy or surgery to repair the damage.

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