What Are the Warning Signs of Prostate Problems?


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Urinary issues, such as difficulty urinating, a weak urinary stream and frequent urination, are possible warning signs of prostate problems, according to WebMD and the American Cancer Society. These symptoms may be indicative of an enlarged prostate, also called benign prostate hyperplasia or BPH, or prostate cancer.

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What Are the Warning Signs of Prostate Problems?
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An enlarged prostate is common in men as they age, states Healthline. As prostate tissue swells, it restricts the flow of urine from the bladder, causing a slow urine stream, difficulty beginning urination, the urge to urinate frequently and urgently, incomplete emptying of the bladder, and dribbling of urine, reports WebMD. Urinary tract infections, bladder stones, blood in the urine, incontinence, and complete inability to urinate may occur. Medications, minimally invasive procedures that use heat energy to shrink prostate tissue, insertion of a stent, and surgical removal of parts of the prostate are possible treatments for an enlarged prostate.

While prostate cancer often causes no symptoms at first, urinary issues may develop as the disease progresses, advises the American Cancer Society. Bone pain, pelvic discomfort, blood in the urine and erectile dysfunction are possible symptoms of later-stage prostate cancer. Treatment of slow-growing prostate cancers may not be necessary, but radiation, hormone therapy and surgery are some options available for cases in which doctors deem treatment necessary.

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