What Are the Warning Signs of a Mini Stroke?


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The most common symptoms of a mini stroke show up as motor problems, such as weakness on either side of the body, according to Healthline. In some cases, this consists of a clumsy spell with the fingers or hands. In other cases, it involves an inability to move one's arms or walk.

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What Are the Warning Signs of a Mini Stroke?
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Most commonly, a mini stroke causes weakness on one particular side of the body, notes Healthline. This includes an arm, the side of the face and a leg. However, the way the blood clot behaves in the brain controls the location of the weakness. It is also possible for symptoms to show up in a number of ways. One patient might observe weakness on both sides of his body, while another might note leg pain, yet ignore weakness in the face and arms.

Some cases of mini stroke involve temporary loss of speech or the inability to recall words, explains Healthline. Other issues sometimes involve difficulty understanding words from others. This condition is known as dysphasia and is sometimes the lone symptom of the mini stroke. One symptom that distinguishes a mini stroke from a stroke is transient monocular blindness, or a graying, darkness or inability to see out of one eye.

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