What Are Some Warning Signs of Liver Problems?


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One of the most common early warning signs of most liver problems is inflammation, according to the American Liver Foundation. Inflammation is a sign that a person's body is fighting an infection or healing an injury, and a person's liver may become tender or enlarged as a result.

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If left untreated, liver inflammation leads to scarring, which is another early sign of several liver problems, according to the American Liver Foundation. As a person's liver becomes scarred, the scar tissue replaces healthy, functional tissue. Scar tissue keeps blood from flowing properly in the liver and forces the healthier parts of a person's liver to work harder. In some cases, the liver isn't able to work as well as it previously had.

If scar tissue builds up to a great enough level, a person develops what is known as cirrhosis, states the American Liver Foundation. This is a condition in which the liver becomes so scarred that it is no longer able to heal itself, This leads to a number of complications, such as intense skin itching or easy bleeding and bruising. Some people may develop a resistance to insulin, which results in Type 2 diabetes. Additionally, toxins may build up to such high levels in the body that they affect a person's brain, leading to problems with sleeping and concentration.

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