What Are the Warning Signs for Kidney Cancer?


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Blood in the urine, back pain, fatigue, weight loss and fever are some warning signs of kidney cancer, according to Mayo Clinic. Sometimes there are no warning signs when kidney cancer is present, as noted by Cancer.Net.

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What Are the Warning Signs for Kidney Cancer?
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The presence of blood in the urine, known as hematuria, is the most common sign of kidney cancer, states Healthline. The urine may appear red, pink or brown. Sometimes hematuria is only detectable through lab testing, and the urine remains normal in appearance.

Back pain that occurs on one side of the flank below the ribs and above the pelvis is another sign of kidney cancer, says Healthline. The pain may be dull or stabbing. This often occurs in later stages of cancer.

Unexplained fatigue is a sign of many cancers, notes Healthline. This fatigue interferes with daily life, causes irritability and does not go away with adequate rest. Unexplained weight loss is another sign of most cancers. The weight loss occurs quickly, and the individual may lose interest in food.

A fever that is not related to an infection and does not resolve in a reasonable time may indicate kidney cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. The fever may be intermittent, notes Mayo Clinic.

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