What Are Some of the Warning Signs of Infidelity in Your Partner?


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Warning signs of infidelity include displays of emotionally distant behavior. At times, the cheating partner can become angry and critical of his mate. He accuses his partner of trying to control him, and he suddenly needs to devote extra time to work, including out of town business trips that keep him out of the home for days. Cheating partners may begin to pay more attention to the way they look, concentrating on becoming physically fit or buying new clothes.

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Often, infidelity in a partner manifests in the inability to make eye contact or talk about the future of the relationship. Cheating partners lose interest in sex and begin to create excuses for not spending time with their mates. They often insist on having private time; this often consists of spending hours in front of a computer, either late at night or early in the morning, and becoming defensive when their activities are questioned. Infidelity can be recognized when a partner begins to act guilty after his mate does him a favor. He may begin to spoil his mate with presents in order to lessen that guilt.

Some signs of infidelity in a partner can be blatantly obvious. Some people stop expressing their love to their mates and even stop wearing their wedding rings altogether. Additionally, cheating partners may stop commenting positively about their mates' physical features or even begin to tell outright and obvious lies to explain their behavior.

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