What Are the Warning Signs of Heat Stroke?


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Possible warning signs of heat stroke include fainting; red, warm and dry skin; absence of sweating in spite of immense heat; and behavioral alterations such as unsteady walking, disorientation or confusion, reports WebMD. A body temperature higher than 105 degrees Fahrenheit, an intense headache, dizziness and muscle weakness are also symptoms indicating heat stroke.

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Nausea, fast heartbeat, fast breathing and seizures can signal heat stroke, according to WebMD. Emergency help is crucial when the signs and symptoms of heat stroke manifest, because heat stroke is a life-threatening condition that can harm the brain and other organs.

While waiting for an ambulance, first aid for a person experiencing heat stroke involves moving the individual to a cool area and removing excess clothing, explains WebMD. To reduce his core body temperature, it helps to fan the person while dampening his skin with a sponge or garden hose; press ice packs to his neck, back, armpits and groin; and put him in a tub of cold water.

Heat stroke often occurs in people age 50 and above, but healthy, young and active individuals also experience it, especially those who drink insufficient amounts of water or consume too much alcohol, notes WebMD. People suffer heat stroke after exposure to high temperatures and long periods of dehydration; these conditions cause the body's temperature control system to malfunction.

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