What Are the Warning Signs of Diverticulosis?


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Warning signs of diverticulosis include symptoms such as tenderness in the lower abdomen, painful cramps, alternating constipation and diarrhea, and chills or fever, according to WebMD. Some people do not exhibit symptoms immediately, and doctors diagnose the through lab tests such as barium enema X-rays and colonoscopies.

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Diverticulosis is not typically discovered unless symptoms occur, as WebMD explains. The condition develops when small pouches form within the wall of the colon, and it is closely related to diverticular disease. However, not all individuals with diverticular disease develop diverticulosis.

As of 2015, the cause of the condition has yet to be determined, but researchers suspect that pressure inside the colon that pushes against weak spots along the wall of the colon contributes to developing diverticulosis, according to WebMD. Diets lacking fiber can increase the pressure on the colon wall because they cause stool to remain in the bowel.

Doctors treat diverticulosis with methods to counteract constipation, as WebMD describes. Patients are encouraged to increase exercise, take fiber supplements, schedule consistent times for bowel movements and enrich their diets with ample fluids and whole grains, fruits and vegetables. The treatment for diverticulosis is similar to the treatment for patients with irritable bowel syndrome and for diverticulitis.

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