What Are the Warning Signs of Diabetes?


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Warning signs of impending type 2 diabetes include increased thirst, increased hunger after eating, dry mouth and frequent urination or urine infections, according to WebMD. Fatigue, blurred vision and headaches are also signs of diabetes.

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What Are the Warning Signs of Diabetes?
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It is important to get tested for diabetes if experiencing any of these symptoms, as treating it early may help prevent serious complications, states WebMD. However, sometimes type 2 diabetes develops without any warning signs. Almost one-third of people with type 2 diabetes don't know they have it.

Hyperglycemia also causes many of the same warning signs as diabetes, explains WebMD. This condition can occur as a result of skipping insulin or other diabetes medications, eating too many carbohydrates, stress or infections. Hyperglycemic hyperosmolar nonketotic syndrome is a serious condition that may cause a diabetic coma or death in those with type 2 diabetes. To prevent this, patients should drink plenty of fluids and check blood sugar regularly.

Examples of warning signs for other diabetic complications include cuts or sores that are slow to heal, itchy skin, frequent yeast infections and dark skin changes in the neck, groin and armpit. Other signs of complications are numbness in the hands or feet, problems with vision, and erectile dysfunction. Those experiencing any of these symptoms should seek medical treatment immediately.

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