What Are Warning Signs of Dehydration During Pregnancy?


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Warning signs of dehydration during pregnancy include nausea, vomiting, headache, irritability and extreme thirst, symptoms that Born Free warns can easily go unnoticed in pregnant women due to them being so commonly associated with pregnancy. Other symptoms are dry mouth, chapped lips, dizziness, weakness, cramps and urine that is dark yellow in color.

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According to WebMD, dehydration can be caused by pregnancy-related vomiting. Pregnant women are advised to seek medical assistance for extreme vomiting as dehydration can require hospitalization.

Born Free advises to prevent prenatal dehydration by keeping a record of the quantity of water consumed daily. The quantity of water necessary to avoid dehydration and over-hydration, which is equally as serious an issue, depends on the individual. Urine that is pale yellow in color indicates an appropriate consumption of water. Kidneys can eliminate approximately 1 liter of water an hour. Drinking more than this can lead to over-hydration and possible water intoxication.

Born Free warns that becoming dehydrated during the first trimester can possibly prevent a sufficient amount of amniotic fluid from being created. This can then lead to complications in the development of the baby. During the last two trimesters, dehydration can lead to muscle cramps and premature labor. After birth, breastfeeding mothers need to be equally as vigilant as the stress of feeding the baby taxes the body and can just as quickly lead to dehydration.

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