What Are the Warning Signs Your Blood Sugar Has Dropped Too Low?


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Sweating, extreme hunger, anxiety, shakiness and visual disturbances are symptoms of low blood sugar, according to WebMD. Severely low blood sugar levels may also cause rapid heartbeat, queasiness and vertigo. Symptoms of low blood sugar occur when blood sugar levels fall below 70 milligrams per decimeter of blood.

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Additional warning signs and symptoms of low blood sugar include pale skin, mood disturbances, sleep disturbances and exhaustion, explains Healthline. In certain cases, individuals may not have any symptoms and may be completely unaware of the fact that their blood sugar is decreasing. This condition is referred to as hypoglycemic unawareness and can lead to severe symptoms, such as fainting and seizures.

Low blood sugar is also referred to as hypoglycemia and commonly occurs in individuals with diabetes, according to MedlinePlus. The condition can also be caused by alcohol consumption, certain infections, hormonal absence and pancreatic tumors. In certain cases, individuals who undergo weight-loss surgical procedures also suffer from low blood sugar.

Severe hypoglycemia is considered a medical emergency, so it is important for individuals to seek immediate medical treatment if symptoms are not relieved following consumption of a sugary snack, MedlinePlus adds. Treatment for the condition depends on the underlying cause and can include glucose tablets, glucose shots and surgical procedures to remove pancreatic tumors.

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