How Do You Warm a Cold Nose?


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The best way to keep a nose warm and safe from infection is to bundle it up under a scarf, wear a ski mask, put on a wool bodysuit or simply stay indoors with some hot soup, according to The Telegraph. Along with these suggestions, light exercise can help.

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Studies show that as the weather gets chillier, infectious diseases target the nose, explains Today Health. Consequently, any cold air inhaled into the nasal cavity allows the potential cold virus to replicate in the more permissive temperature. Therefore, guarding the nose from the chills of winter is crucial.

Overall, the best way to avoid a potential infection entirely is to simply stay inside and enjoy a hot beverage or soup, suggest The Telegraph. The warmth from the liquid not only radiates throughout the body, but also through the nasal region, warming its temperature as the blood in the face circulates. Similarly, light exercise paired with a healthy diet also promotes good blood circulation and replenishes the nose with "warm" blood.

Alternately, if going outside is an obligation, dressing in layers should be a priority, states The Telegraph. Thin layers keep the body insulated and should further be covered with a thicker layer to keep heat from escaping. A ski mask is a good option because it covers the entire face, protecting the nose and keeping it warm, while keeping the infections out.

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