How Do You Walk With Crutches?


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Walk with crutches by leaning forward, moving both crutches in front of the body, and shifting the weight to the crutches. Then swing the good leg through the crutches, shift the weight to it and repeat the process, according to About.com.

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When walking with crutches, the hands should support the weight and not the armpits, according to MedlinePlus. Adjusting the crutches so the tops are about 1 1/2 inches below the armpit and the handles are at hip height makes use more comfortable. Most people find the process easier when they look ahead rather than at their feet, but it is important to keep the tips of the crutches approximately 3 inches from the sides of the feet to keep from tripping.

Using crutches is easier when the individual uses a backpack to carry items rather than attempting to maneuver the crutches with the hands full, according to UPMC. Wearing sensible shoes that fit correctly improves safety and comfort. When walking with crutches, it's beneficial to plan extra time to get from one point to another to enable walking at a pace that is both comfortable and safe.

When individuals experience significant pain or balance problems, MedlinePlus recommends speaking with a doctor. In these cases, a walker may provide a better option than crutches.

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