Is Volumna Dermal Filler Considered Safe?


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Jevederm Volumna XC dermal filler is considered safe for those over 21 years old who have a loss of volume in their cheeks, according to the U.S. Federal Food and Drug Administration. Volumna XC must be given as a deep injection, which the FDA considers safe, as of 2015.

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The Juvederm Volumna XC dermal filler is made out of hyaluronic acid with lidocaine, according to the FDA, and was approved in October of 2013. Hyaluronic acid is made from a substance that occurs naturally in the skin and works to maintain volume in the skin, reports the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. There are also other dermal fillers that use hyaluronic acid for its volumizing properties. Before receiving a dermal filler treatment, patients should meet with their physician for a pre-treatment consultation, notes the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.

While the Juvederm Volumna dermal filler is considered safe, there are side effects that may present. One of the most common side effects is bruising, because the dermal filler must be injected deep within the tissue, according to Medscape. Bleeding is also possible. Patients can have swelling, redness and pain after the injection. In some cases, a granulomatous foreign body reaction can take place several months or even years after the dermal filler injection, notes the National Institutes of Health.

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