How Do You Get Your Voice Back After Losing It?


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Individuals who lose their voice due to laryngitis find relief by resting the voice as much as possible to prevent further irritation. Coughing and clearing the throat cause more inflammation of the vocal cords. Use of a humidifier helps to bring relief of the associated dry, scratchy throat. If the condition includes a dry cough, nonprescription cough suppressants are often helpful, according to WebMD.

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When suffering laryngitis, it is often helpful to keep the throat moist by using a lozenge, chewing gum or rinsing with salt water. Keeping the body hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids helps to relieve symptoms. However, alcoholic or caffeinated beverages cause dehydration and further irritation to the throat, according to Mayo Clinic. Whispering increases the strain on the sore vocal cords and prolongs the loss of the person's voice. Decongestants dry the respiratory tract, including the throat, and increase the time the individual is without his voice.

Most laryngitis is due to a viral infection that does not respond to antibiotics. It is not a serious condition and often gets better in a few days without requiring medical treatment. If the condition lasts longer than a month, MedlinePlus recommends seeing an ear, nose and throat specialist for further testing to determine its cause.

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