Which Vitamins Do Women Need?


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In 2011, Everyday Health recommends that women take vitamin D, folic acid, omega-3 fatty acids, iron, B6, B12 and beta-carotene. However, they also stress that women have different needs and those needs change over time, so all women should consult their personal doctor before taking any supplements.

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Which Vitamins Do Women Need?
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While many women want to prevent disease and illnesses, research into the practice of taking vitamins is varied. Some supplements, such as calcium, are recommended for the specific purpose of preventing osteoporosis, but researchers are now cautioning women not to take any supplements without making sure they actually need them first.

In normal, healthy women who eat a balanced diet, supplements may not be necessary at all, and if they are necessary, women may only need them in small doses. An Iowa Women's Health study showed that taking supplements did not greatly reduce the risk of death in women over 55. In fact, taking too much of some supplements, such as iron, can be harmful to a woman's health.

Some experts advise choosing a supplement based on diet and nutritional needs along with a doctors recommendation. In some cases, doctors may perform bloodwork to determine if a patient is lacking in specific nutrients and design a supplement program to meet their individual needs.

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