Which Vitamins Whiten the Skin?


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Vitamin C is one of the best vitamins that is able to lighten and whiten the skin. It is a strong antioxidant, and it is able to change the pigment of the skin through the dermis layer.

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Which Vitamins Whiten the Skin?
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Vitamin C has been used as a hyperpigmentation treatment because of its antioxidant properties and because it has proven to be among the most effective treatments for lightening skin. It helps to create collagen synthesis, which will rapidly reproduce skin cells in the color they need to be to blend with the rest of the skin. While it is often used in dermatology, it is difficult for dermatologists to get the correct dosage into the dermis because it is an extremely unstable compound.

The use of vitamin C in applications has been used to prevent scurvy and other issues that are a result of a deficiency. For these instances, it is taken orally. Topical vitamin C is more common in dermatology applications because it is delivered to the exact area where it is needed. Dermatologists must apply topical vitamin C in a controlled environment because exposure to air and other pollutants can quickly reduce the effectiveness of the vitamin on the skin.

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