What Are Some Vitamins That Help Treat Acne?


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Vitamin A, taken topically, and zinc may help cure acne says Healthline. Vitamin E and tree tea oil may reduce acne, although the connection hasn't been firmly established.

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Taking vitamin A topically is a preferred acne treatment. Vitamin A is converted to retinoids, which regenerate and rapidly heal skin. Topical vitamin A breaks down the UV protection in skin, and appropriate measures should be taken. Oral vitamin A should be avoided as it builds up in the body, and too much is toxic according to Healthline.com.

Zinc, taken orally or topically, decreases the skin's oil production and protects against inflammation and bacterial infections. Be aware of the amount of zinc taken, as excessive amounts can lead to copper deficiency states Healthline.com.

Vitamin E has not been clinically proven to help acne; however those with acne problems tend to be vitamin E deficient. Consuming the daily intake of vitamin E could help per Healthline.com. Tea tree oil kills bacteria and decreases oil production. It may help decrease acne.

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