What Are Some Vitamins That Help Reduce Redness in the Face?

Some vitamins that help to reduce redness on the face are vitamin B-3 and vitamin C, according to NBC News. Vitamin B-3 is a possible treatment for rosacea and similar skin conditions.

One of the best vitamins for facial redness is vitamin B-3, according to NBC News. Vitamin B-3 is found in multiple forms, including a serum, cream and lotion. Look for the word niacinamide on the label. Vitamin B-3 is often given to people with rosacea, as it helps reduce the blushing and flushing that occurs with the skin condition. This vitamin is also good for improving hydration of the face and reducing dark spots.

Another good vitamin is vitamin C, which is good for reducing redness caused by the aging process, notes NBC News. Vitamin C can be purchased in different concentrations, depending on the needs of the individual using it. The complexion often becomes discolored over time, which is what vitamin C can help with.

Vitamin E can help with redness caused by dry or rough skin, says Reader's Digest. Rub the vitamin E oil on any areas of the skin with dryness or scars to help smooth out the appearance. Vitamin K is used for skin discoloration caused by bruising or dark circles. It also helps with different discolorations.