What Are Some Vitamins Known to Improve Arthritis?


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Vitamins C and E are known to improve arthritis, states Dr. Jonathan Wright for The Tahoma Clinic and Dr. Fred Arnold for Scottsdale Pain Rehabilitation & Wellness. Additionally, vitamin B3 or niacinamide is also helpful for relieving the pain and swelling of degenerative arthritis.

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What Are Some Vitamins Known to Improve Arthritis?
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Vitamin C is important for treating and preventing arthritis and for supporting overall health, according to Dr. Arnold. This vitamin is an anti-oxidizing agent that protects the joints by helping to prevent damage from free radicals, reports Newsmax and MedlinePlus. At least one animal study showed that high-dose vitamin C reduced inflammation and swelling in arthritic joints. Several studies have also demonstrated there is a link between low levels of vitamin C and arthritis.

Taking vitamin B3 for a prolonged period of time can improve the flexibility of arthritic joints, explains Dr. Wright. For treatment of degenerative arthritis, patients are recommended to take 500 to 1,000 milligrams of niacinamide, three times a day. The recommended dosage is dependent on a patientメs weight. It is also recommended that niacinamide be taken along with an equivalent amount of vitamin C. It can take three to four weeks of niacinamide supplementation to see improvement in arthritis symptoms.

Selenium and vitamin E can also be helpful for improving the symptoms of degenerative arthritis by working together to relieve swelling and pain. Arthritis patients are recommended to take 800 units of vitamin E and 250 micrograms of selenium daily, notes Dr. Wright.

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