What Are Some Vitamins That Increase Platelet Count?


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Vitamins that increase the platelets counts include Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and vitamin K. The individual vitamins have some components that when consumed will increase the platelets content in the body, explains the Platelet Disorder Support Association.

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Vitamin C plays a crucial role in the development of healthy bones and development of immune cells; this favors the development of more platelets, explains the Platelet Disorder Support Association. Vitamin D supplements aid in the addition of more platelets. However, they may only be effective when one has lower platelets content. VitaminB12 does the same function as vitamin D. It raises the platelets level, especially when they are below the required quantity in the body. Vitamin K on the other hand assists in blood clotting. This indirectly increases the platelets level, as one does not lose a lot of blood in the case of an injury.

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