Do Any Vitamins Help With Hearing Loss?


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Certain forms of vitamins A, B3, C and E help to protect against hearing loss induced by noise, according to Life Extension. These vitamins prevent hearing loss by protecting the ear cells or preventing the formation of harmful compounds.

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Do Any Vitamins Help With Hearing Loss?
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Nicotinamide riboside, or NR, a chemical precursor to vitamin B3, prevents hearing loss by protecting the nerves that innervate the cochlea, explains the Weill Cornell Medical College. Exposure to noise destroys these nerves, thus hindering the passing of information to the brain. NR prevents hearing loss by increasing the activity of the mitochondria through the triggering of the protein sirtuin 3.

Supplements with vitamins A, C and E prevent hearing loss through their antioxidant capabilities, states Life Extension. The required intake period differs from one vitamin to the other, but taking a combination of the vitamins is more effective than each one taken independently. Vitamin B12 and folate reduce levels of homocysteine, a toxic compound that causes hearing problems.

Exposure to loud noise triggers the formation of free radicals that destroy the hair cells in the ear, thus impairing hearing. Vitamins A, C and E work together with magnesium to prevent the formation of these free radicals, notes The Hearing Center of Ohio. Individuals exposed to high noise should take the combination for three or more days after the incident.

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