What Are Some Vitamins for Hair Loss in Women?


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According to Natural News, a vitamin D deficiency is linked to hair loss in women. Through supplementation of vitamin D, dubbed the sunshine vitamin, women can minimize hair loss and promote great hair and skin. Because omega-3 fatty acids are needed for the body to properly utilize vitamin D, cod liver oil or another omega-3 fatty acid supplement is also recommended for women to encourage healthy hair growth.

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Other deficiencies, such as the amino acid lysine, copper and zinc also cause hair loss in women, according to Natural News. However, when a healthy diet comprised of a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and whole grains is followed, deficiencies in these elements are rare. Because hair strands are comprised of protein, getting enough in the diet is also necessary to create healthy hair. If the diet is low in protein, some of the nutrients are diverted from making hair to helping sustain body function, making a balanced diet important.

Some types of hair loss in women are due to hormonal imbalance and not vitamin deficiency, according to Natural News. To determine if this is causing hair loss, blood work is done to identify any imbalance. Stress, thyroid dysfunction and the use of chemical-based hair products also cause hair loss in women.

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