Which Are the Best Vitamins for Good Circulation?


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MDadvice.com notes that B vitamins, vitamin E, vitamin C and potassium are all beneficial for circulatory health. Of the B vitamins, vitamin B6 is particularly helpful because of its ability to block free radicals that contribute to arterial hardening. In addition, Swanson Health Products lists silica, garlic, grapeseed extract and lecithin as supplements that assist in maintaining a healthy circulatory system.

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Many foods contain the top vitamins for healthy circulation, according to MDadvice.com. Turkey, chicken, leafy vegetables, berries and brown rice are all good sources of B vitamins, while several fruits, including oranges, blackberries and grapefruits, pack significant amounts of vitamin C. When looking to include more vitamin E in one's diet, one can eat foods such as hazelnuts, almonds and mangoes. Natural sources of potassium include potatoes, spinach, bananas and avocado, explains The World's Healthiest Foods.

In addition to taking vitamins and supplements, Swanson Health Products recommends regular exercise, drinking adequate fluids, massage and stress-management strategies as ways to improve circulation. The company explains that high stress levels cause blood vessels to restrict, resulting in poorer-quality circulation. Practicing deep-breathing techniques can help combat stress, as can working on developing a deeper sense of appreciation for the positive aspects of one's life.

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