What Are Some Vitamins That Help Give You Clear Skin?


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Vitamins that promote skin health and may help to keep skin clear include vitamins C, A, K and E, according to WebMD. Vitamin B may also improve skin health. Applied topically, vitamin A is an especially effective treatment for acne.

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Vitamin A is crucial for maintaining and repairing skin tissue, and a vitamin A deficiency can cause a dry and flaky complexion, notes WebMD. People commonly use creams that contain vitamin A to relieve, prevent, control and treat skin conditions, such as psoriasis and acne. Applied topically, research indicates vitamin A reduces the appearance of wrinkles and lines.

Even a mild deficiency of biotin, which is part of the vitamin B complex, can lead to skin problems, such as dermatitis, cautions WebMD. Another B vitamin called niacin helps the skin to retain moisture, which may improve the skin's complexion. Applied topically, B vitamins may improve the skin's overall tone, hydrate cells and give the skin a natural healthy glow.

Studies show that applying vitamin C topically may help to prevent skin cancer associated with excessive exposure to the sun, states WebMD. Vitamin E may also help to improve skin texture and reduce wrinkles and photodamage. People should not use vitamin C and vitamin E instead of sunscreen, however. Vitamin K may help to reduce wrinkles, bruises and circles underneath the eye.

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