What Vitamin Helps Hair and Nails Grow?


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Vitamins that stimulate hair growth include vitamin A and the B-complex vitamins. Biotin especially helps hair and nails grow faster and become stronger. It is sometimes also referred to as coenzyme R, vitamin H or vitamin B7.

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What Vitamin Helps Hair and Nails Grow?
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Biotin boosts the density of hair and promotes nail growth. The vitamin is found naturally in various nuts, vegetables, oats, sunflower seeds, salmon, eggs and brown rice. It is also available as a dietary supplement.

Vitamin A enhances the scalp's sebum production, which aids in expansion of hair follicles. Folic acid, or vitamin B9, helps hair and nails grow by maintaining proper cell and tissue function. Cutex states that vitamin E also promotes nail growth by improving blood circulation.

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