What Are Vitamin D2 Supplements Used For?


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Vitamin D2 is a vitamin that helps the body absorb calcium and phosphorus, which is crucial in bone health and strength, according to WebMD. It is also used to prevent and treat bone conditions and bone loss.

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Vitamin D is made by the body when the skin receives sunlight, but supplements are sometimes needed because of limited sun exposure due to a darker complexion, age, clothing or sunscreen blocks, notes WebMD. A supplement of Vitamin D ensures a continuity of strong bones throughout the body by helping the body absorb all the calcium and phosphorus needed for this task. Vitamin D2 is most commonly used as a general over-the-counter supplement to maintain healthy levels of Vitamin D in the body, states MedicineNet.

Vitamin D supplements can also be used to prevent bone disorders such as rickets or osteomalacia, or to treat bone loss resulting in osteoporosis, states WebMD. If Vitamin D2 is combined with other medications, it can be used to help raise levels of calcium or phosphate, which can be low due to conditions such as hyperparathyroidism. Additionally, it can be used to keep calcium levels at a normal rate when a patient has a form of kidney disease.

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