What Is Vitamin D2 Deficiency?


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Vitamin D2 deficiency is a condition resulting from a lack of Vitamin D in the body and can lead to brittle bones and other major medical complications including warping of the bones. Lack of exposure to sunlight can cause Vitamin D deficiency in children and adults, especially during the winter in cold climates.

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What Is Vitamin D2 Deficiency?
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The recommended dosage for an adult at 600 IU per day, climbing to 800 once an individual is past the age of 70, cites Mayo Clinic. Most adults get enough Vitamin D through regular diet and frequent time spent in the sunlight to absorb it ambiently.

Some people are, for various reasons, deficient in Vitamin D. The recommended treatments for deficiency include changes in diet, supplements and increasing exposure to safe sunlight. It is extremely easy to take in excess Vitamin D, so intake should be closely monitored and a physician's advice should be sought before pursuing a course of treatment.

Because Vitamin D deficiency can lead to such serious bone problems, especially later in life, it is imperative to manage Vitamin D levels carefully. Individuals should consult their doctors about healthy dietary options and other basic day to day techniques that can help them to keep their Vitamin D levels in anacceptable place.

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