What Are Vitamin B12 Used For?


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Vitamin B-12 is used as a nutritional supplement to maintain energy levels and ensure the health of blood cells and nerves, according to Newsmax. The vitamin directly reduces vitamin B-12 deficiencies, according to WebMD.

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What Are Vitamin B12 Used For?
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Newsmax notes that vitamin B-12 manages stress and depression. It is also used to keep fatigue at bay, and it prevents the brain from shrinking. Some take the vitamin to improve digestion. Vitamin B-12 lowers high blood pressure, and it is a safeguard against high cholesterol. Taking the supplement can also lower the risk of getting certain cancers of the prostate, lung and colon.

Vitamin B-12 keeps the skin healthy, reports Newsmax. It also protects the nails and hair while maintaining healthy cells. The nutritional aid can hamper the aging process as well, according to WebMD.

Vitamin B-12 converts different fats and proteins into energy, notes Live Well by Jillian Michaels. It also contains an important element called cobalt, which carries oxygen into the bloodstream.

WebMD claims that vitamin B-12 treats anemia, which is a disease that is caused by a lack of vitamin B-12 in the body. Vitamin B-12 aids in memory for the elderly, and it has a positive effect on people who suffer from Alzheimer's disease. It is also an effective agent against sleep complications.

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