Does Vitamin B-17 Come in 100-Milligram Tablets?


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Vitamin B-17 comes in 100-milligram tablets on the Web, according to CytoPharmaOnline.com. However, there is no evidence that it functions as a vitamin in either humans or animals, says Cancer.gov. The term is a misnomer for the compound laetrile which derives from amygdalin found in some fruits and nuts.

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Laetrile is a popular anti-cancer treatment, notes WebMD.com. Various theories exist behind claims that cancer patients benefit from using laetrile, explains Cancer.gov. One such theory states that cancer is due to a vitamin deficiency and that supplementing the body with Vitamin B-17 works against cancer. However, laetrile lacks Food and Drug Administration approval as a treatment for cancer or other medical conditions.

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