What Are the Visual Signs to Look for If Cataracts Are Suspected?


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Visual symptoms of cataract development include blurred vision, decreased night vision and double vision in one eye, explains Mayo Clinic. Colors may also appear faded or yellowed to individuals with developing cataracts, and they may also notice halo circles around lights.

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Cataracts are common in aging individuals. Protein in the eye naturally binds together as the eyes age, which in turn leads to cloudiness and decreased vision, explains All About Vision. In addition to aging, factors that can increase a person's risk for developing cataracts include alcoholism, obesity, injuries to the eye and illnesses such as diabetes and hypertension. Cataracts can also run in families.

Cataracts are treatable with surgical procedures in which the clouded eye lenses are removed and replaced with synthetic lenses, explains WebMD. The procedure most commonly performed to remove cataracts is referred to as small cut cataract surgery. During the procedure, a small incision is created on the side of the cornea. An ultrasound tool is then used to break up or clean the clouded lens, followed by a suction procedure that pulls the lens fragments out through the incision. Once the fragments are removed, a synthetic lens is placed inside the eye. For patients who can't tolerate synthetic lenses, the cataract is removed and contact lenses or glasses are used to correct the patient's vision.

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