How Do You Find Vision Providers With UnitedHealthCare?

To find UnitedHealthCare vision providers, navigate to, and click on the Provider Quick Search box. Enter a ZIP code or street address and a city and state combination, and then click on Search to view providers in your area. offers a range of services for registered members. First-time users to the site create accounts using their subscriber IDs, while members who already have accounts simply log in to their accounts to access services. Registrants who do not know their subscriber IDs can register using the last four digits of their Social Security numbers and birth dates. You do not have to register or log in to an account in order to use the provider search tool.

The website offers vision plan subscribers a PDF user guide that details the functions and tools available on the site. The guide explains how to use the site to manage claims, view online statements and account balances, print ID cards, and manage prescriptions. The site also offers signed-in subscribers access to a dashboard that shows the subscribers’ deductibles, out-of-pocket maximums and other details regarding their UnitedHealthCare vision accounts.

The guide also shows members how to use the extra discounts and programs that are available to them as plan members and access their personal health records with the program.