What Vision Defects Do ChromaGen Lenses Help?


ChromaGen lenses were originally designed to alleviate color blindness, according to Medical Daily. However, ChromaGen is also effective in the treatment of patients with dyslexia and other related disabilities.

Color deficiency exists in a variety of forms, with the most common color vision defect being red-green, and the ability to see only in shades of gray being the most severe and the most rare form, states Medical Daily. ChromaGen lenses are composed of filters that alter the natural wavelength of each color as it enters the eye.

ChromaGen lenses are not a cure for color blindness, but they can help improve the ability to distinguish various colors, according to ChromaGen. ChromaGen lenses may also help make colors appear brighter and clearer.

ChromaGen also helps individuals with dyslexia improve their ability to read by slowing the rate in which information is processed from the eye to the brain, reports Medical Daily. This effect lessens the blurring and distortion of words that many dyslexic individuals report as a common symptom of their condition.

In a study consisting of 400 dyslexic children, 90 percent of participants saw an improvement of at least 45 percent in their reading, writing and handwriting skills over a six-month period, reports ChromaGen.