Is Visi a Good Weight Loss Pill?

Visi Vinnle weight loss pills contain unspecified amounts of caralluma fimbriata, which does not promote fat loss, but it may decrease appetite, according to WebMD. Visi Trimma weight loss pills also contain unspecified amounts of certain berries, cordyceps and garcinia cambogia, which do not contribute to fat loss.

Both Vinnle and Trimma contain chromium niacinate, as Visi's website details. However, chromium has little to no weight loss effects, notes the University of Maryland.

There are no long-term studies of its side effects. However, ingesting caralluma decreases thirst, according to WebMD. Cordyceps has no weight loss-related effects, but it may have immune system-related benefits, reports the University of Michigan, and some cordyceps may contain lead.

The United States Food and Drug Administration has not reviewed garcinia cambogia and the hydroxycitric acid it contains for efficacy, warns Women's Health. Additionally, many unspecified brands of diet pills containing garcinia cambogia do not pass quality tests and may cause health problems.