Is ViSalus a Scam?


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There is a great deal of evidence indicating that ViSalus is a scam. The entirety of the research used to show the benefits of ViSalus was written by one man, Michael Seidman. Seidman has a history of trying to sell items to the public that do not work.

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ViSalus uses deceptive marketing tactics to entice the consumer. For example, one advertisement states that a person would have to buy $103 worth of groceries to match the nutritional benefits of one ViSalus supplement that costs $1.85. The comparison is false, as it does not explain that the ViSalus product does not contain a full amount of the groceries' nutrition. The consumer would need to take many ViSalus products to match the full value.

ViSalus sells weight loss supplements. The Body by Vi 90-day challenge is the main weight loss program that this company is built around. It includes protein shakes, meal replacements and some vitamins.

In 2013, ViSalus was sued for committing criminal hacking, extortion and racketeering. As of 2015, the Visalus executives still face these charges.

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