What Are Some Virectin Side Effects?


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Virectin is untested by the scientific community, and therefore does not have any known side effects, writes Health News Reports. Unlike other male sexual enhancement products, Virectin does not increase the risk of bruising, erectile dysfunction or other types of soft tissue and vascular damage as it is a low dose herbal supplement. Scientists predict that Virectin may increase the heart rate, but this hypothesis is not backed up by FDA approved testing.

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Virectin is a male sexual enhancement product claimed to increase penis size. Virectin is comprised of various unknown herbal supplements that are rumored to cause vasodilation, or dilation of blood vessels. Virectin's herbal formula is claimed to effectively change the size of the blood vessels in the penis, therefore enlarging the organ. However, these claims are not supported by clinical testing or FDA approved, cautions Health News Reports.

While there are no documented side effects of taking Virectin, there are always dangers to taking drugs or supplements not approved by the FDA, warns Health News Reports. Unapproved supplements may contain unknown dangers such as allergic reactions, circulatory problems and even cancer. Though none of the ingredients in Virectin are on the FDA dangerous substance list, they still pose a potential health threat.

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