Does Vinegar Help Get Rid of Cold Sores?

Vinegar helps the body to fight off cold sores. Dabbing a cold sore with white vinegar on a clean cloth or paper towel three times a day helps to soothe the pain and swelling of the sore, according to TODAY.

Many of the uses for white and apple cider vinegar involve the drying out of surfaces, and with cold sores this is no different. White vinegar forces the fluid out of cold sores, creating a less hospitable environment for the sore, according to TODAY.

For cold sores and fever blisters, soaking and dabbing vinegar in place are the best steps toward drying out that blister. Apple cider vinegar contains properties that help it fight infection. The acid in vinegar makes it very likely to sting the sores as the sores have opened up a gap in the skin, and the vinegar makes it through the gaps to interact with the tissue below, as stated by Everyday Health. Other natural treatments for cold sores include lemon balm, an herb with possible antiviral properties; reishi, a mushroom that has a long history within Chinese medicine for the immune system; or resveratrol, a compound that appears naturally in red grapes but also appears in creams, according to