Do Video Games Rot Your Brain?

video-games-rot-brain Credit: Stanislav Solntsev/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Video games are enjoyed by millions across the globe, and they aren't likely to rot your brain, contrary to rumors and opinions. Video games are instead viewed by many as a learning tool that could increase vocabulary and a love of reading for players, according to US Gamer.

Video games have long held the reputation of being a waste of time and having no effect on the player, other than lowering an individual's IQ. However, Psych Central has published APA findings that suggest video game playing can increase the memory, health and social attitude of players. Particularly, the study found that players had better recognition, ability to think outside the box and a better ability to deal with loss. They also have better social skills when participating in online gaming because it connects gamers to other gamers from around the world.

Video games are being utilized in several settings, including in schools and in hospitals. The APA study found that players in hospitals recovered faster and better in getting cancer treatments while playing video games. In the school setting, teachers are finding video games can be a way to reach children who may have a problem with learning from traditional methods.

There are still downsides to video games, especially those games which contain violence. Thus, gamers have to be aware that video games can still have negative impacts. This is especially true of gamers who are depressed or unable to bridge the gap between reality and fantasy, hence age should be taken into consideration with any game.