How Do You Help a Victim of Elder Abuse?

To help a victim of elder abuse, call your area's Adult Protective Services programs. A list of programs by state and an Eldercare telephone line is available through, as of 2015. If there is an immediate danger to the victim, call 9-1-1 or your local police department.

To find information on Adult Protective Services programs, visit the home page and click Stop Abuse. On the Stop Abuse page, click State Resources under the Get Help heading. The State Resources page provides the Eldercare telephone number that you can call for a referral to a local program. Click on a state on the State Resources page for a listing of resources.

Elder abuse is one person taking advantage of an elderly person's age. Many different types of elder abuse occur, and the abuse can take place in the victim's home, at another person's home or at a care facility. Common types of abuse include physical abuse, emotional abuse, neglect and financial exploitation.

Signs vary depending on the victim and the type of abuse. Common signs of abuse include a change in the victim's behavior, missing possessions or money, poor living conditions and physical changes, such as bruises, bleeding, malnourishment and an unsanitary appearance. Tension between the victim and the abuser is another common sign of abuse.