How Does Vicks Vaporub Kill Nail Fungus?

Vicks VapoRub works to treat nail fungus because it contains eucalyptus oil, thymol and camphor, which have anti-fungal properties. A Michigan State University study found that this remedy works best if VapoRub is applied to the affected nails daily for a period of approximately five to 16 months, according to

There are many types of fungal infections that affect toenails, and varying results have been reported even with the use of prescribed oral medications, according to The People's Pharmacy. However, there are possible side effects of using these treatments, such as liver and kidney damage, which makes the use of VapoRub a safer alternative. It also seems to be on par with, and in some cases more effective than, other popular topical treatments.

It is recommended that the product be applied to the affected nails twice daily — in the morning and evening — making sure to completely cover the nail each time it is applied, says Some of it will rub off while wearing socks or shoes, so be diligent in trying to keep as much on as possible. After a few days, the nail should darken in color, which is an indication that the treatment is working. Continue to cut the nail regularly, as this will help remove the infected part as new healthy tissue grows.