How Do You Get Veterans Benefits for Dental Services?


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To get veterans benefits for dental services, find out if you are eligible, and apply online at VA.gov, by phone or by mail. If you have any questions or need to apply in person, contact or visit your local VA.

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  1. Check your eligibility

    Dental benefits are available to some veterans. In some cases, treatment is limited to a one time procedure, and in other cases, regular and repeat dental care is provided. If you are a former prisoner of war or have a dental condition that is connected to your service, you are eligible for any necessary care. If you are considered 100 percent medically disabled, you are also eligible for any needed care. In most other circumstances, you are only eligible for one-time care. The Department of Veterans Affairs publishes a complete list of eligibility requirements that is available in publication IB 10-442.

  2. Apply for benefits

    The easiest way to apply for dental benefits is online. Go to www.1010ez.med.va.gov to complete an application. If you prefer, you can also apply by phone, by mail by completing form 10-10EZ or 10-10EZR or by visiting the closest VA medical center or clinic.

  3. Receive dental care

    Once you are approved for dental benefits, visit your local VA medical center or clinic.

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