Why Do Veins Protrude on My Hands?

Plastic surgeon Dr. John Farella explains that veins in the hands become more prominent with age, according to Abby Ellin for The New York Times. Skin, especially on the back of the hands, loses elasticity and fat and seems more transparent, leaving veins more visible under the surface.

Aging of the hands can be caused by exposure to ultraviolet light, explains AT Shamban for the Aesthetic Surgery Journal. Photoaging, or aging caused by exposure to light, can cause crepe-like skin and wrinkles. Intrinsic aging causes thinning of the outer layer of skin and a loss of fat in the hands. This combination of effects can lead to what looks like bulging or prominent veins. Individuals with low body fat, such as bodybuilders, may also experience the appearance of prominent veins, notes Veindirectory.org.

Doctors use a variety of therapies to reduce the visibility of veins in the hands, including dermal fillers, which are fats or fillers injected under the skin, and laser treatments, notes Shamban and Ellin. Other doctors take a proactive approach and advise their patients to wear long sleeves and apply sunscreen regularly to avoid sun exposure. If aging or decreased body fat are not likely reasons for more prominent veins, visit a doctor, as the condition could indicate other medical issues.