What Do Vegans Eat?


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Vegans eat an entirely plant-based diet, avoiding all animal products, including meat, dairy and eggs. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine recommends that vegans eat from four food groups: fruit, legumes, grains and vegetables.

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Although some view vegan diets as limiting, there are actually a large number of food choices available to vegans. Breakfast choices might include a bagel with soy cream cheese, a fruit smoothie, toast with nut butter and jelly, or a tofu scramble made with fresh veggies and soy sausage. Lunch or dinner choices include a baked potato with beans, a dairy-free pizza topped with roasted vegetables or a stir fry with tofu. Vegan snacks include apples with nut butter, fresh fruit, popcorn and sunflower seeds, and dessert choices include fruit sorbet and frozen yogurt.

Some vegans are dietary vegans, which means they refrain from eating all animal products. Others are ethical vegans; these folks not only avoid consuming animal products, they also refrain from using any materials made from animal products, such as leather, wool and down. Some vegans follow this lifestyle for health reasons as well as for ethical reasons. They typically want to minimize cruelty to animals and environmental damage through their diet and lifestyle choices.

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