What Do Vegans Eat for Breakfast?

What Do Vegans Eat for Breakfast?

Alhough restricted by a commitment not to eat meat, dairy or any animal by-product, vegans have a wide range of choices when it comes to breakfast. The Internet is awash with recipes for items like hearty muffins, scrambled tofu, fluffy pancakes and French toast made with soy milk.

Tempeh is a soy product made through a fermentation process. Although non-vegans may not be ready to replace pork, Tempeh bacon has a spot on many vegan breakfast tables. A tempeh BLT on whole-grain bread can be delicious and filling.

Crispy breakfast bars are loaded with flavor and nutrition. Full of fiber and protein, these bars are handy for a quick breakfast on the go. Quinoa is an oatmeal-like grain that goes well when mixed with fruit, beans and even greens. A berry quinoa hot-breakfast dish warms up vegans on cold winter mornings.

Vegans don't eat eggs, but that doesn't mean they can't enjoy an omelette. Crumbled up tofu with spices and veggies makes a hearty dish. Vegan cooks stuff these creations with asparagus, tomatoes or other veggies for a great start to the day.

Johnnycakes are a vegan-friendly, filling breakfast good for anyone in the family. Corn, cornmeal, a little almond milk and baking powder combine to give a rugged crunch that fills up until lunchtime.