What Are Vegans Not Allowed to Eat?

Vegans do not eat any foods made from animals or foods connected to animals. This means they avoid all meats, poultry, fish, shellfish, eggs, cheese, milk and yogurt. Animal-derived products like gelatin are also off the menu. Some vegans include honey on the banned list.

Vegans must give up a lot of foods that non-vegans take for granted. For example, spreading butter or margarine on toast is no longer possible because both are in the dairy category. Enjoying an ice cream cone or cream cheese on a bagel is a thing of the past. Adjusting to a vegan diet requires discipline and commitment to a philosophy of doing no harm to animals. Raw vegans are people that eat only raw fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts. This diet consists of food that is never cooked.

In spite of the restrictive requirements, there are a variety of foods that vegans can enjoy. Hundreds of vegan recipes combine fruits with cereals and nuts or vegetables with whole grains. The vegan diet is naturally low in fat. The emphasis is on healthy fats derived from foods like avocados and nuts. The main health challenge for vegans is getting enough essential nutrients. Taking vitamin supplements can ameliorate this problem.