Is Vasovagal Syncope Preventable?


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Certain treatments can aid the prevention of vasovagal syncope, but not all episodes are preventable, according to the Mayo Clinic. The low blood pressure medication midodrine and therapeutic techniques to prevent blood pooling in the legs are common options for treating the condition.

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One method for preventing a vasovagal syncope episode is to lie down and lift the legs to facilitate blood flow to the brain when feeling faint, states the Mayo Clinic. When lying down is not feasible, the individual can sit down and place the head between the legs until the sensation passes. The patient's doctor may also recommend certain foot exercises and the use of compression stockings to prevent episodes. Patients who don't suffer from high blood pressure may benefit from adding salt to the diet. Avoiding standing for prolonged periods, tensing the leg muscles while standing, and drinking ample fluids are other treatment options.

If more conservative treatment options are unsuccessful, individuals may opt for an operation to install an electrical pacemaker for regulation of the heartbeat, according to Mayo Clinic. Most cases of vasovagal syncope require no treatment, but identifying and avoiding fainting triggers may be helpful. Patients may wish to seek further treatment if their condition interferes with daily life.

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